The idea started in the heads and hearts of a few folks in the Northern German village of Barnstorf. Aged 26 to 75, having long term experience, trust and knowledge about The Hunger Project’s work combined with a certain entrepreneurial spirit as well as some crucial initial on-line shop experience all contributed in making the idea a reality.

The „One Million Soaps“ Project was initiated by a few active citizens and is designed to grow as a citizens‘ initiative as more and more people get involved in Europe and possibly also beyond as the project and soap sales grow. Companies and organizations are explictly encouraged to get involved, sell or give soaps at no profit to their employees or customers (if they add a margin, they should legally declare it). Currently, the project is legally covered by a small non-profit organization according to Czech civic law. As the project develops and demands, we will react dynamically and organizationally. Our hope is that especially young people from universities may want to get involved who can gain experience in social financing and volunteering as well as entrepreneurial skills.

We are grateful to the companies that have given the time and resources of their employees to start the project and are always open to enlarge the circle of corporate supporters who we can also mention on our platform as sponsors. For example

Kolumbus GmbH from Dietzenbach, Germany has printed soap labels free of charge and Human Element Consulting of Prague has provided management and logistics support. We are currently looking for a web sponsor and a printing company sponsoring the flyers.

2,00 € from each soap sale is donated to the Global Hunger Project through their German partner country organization. THP is a strategic organization and has pioneered methods to empower people to end their own hunger. The German Hunger Project stands in partnership with One Million Soaps and has expressed its explicit support while remaining organizationally independent.

Our Aleppo Soap is one of most well known and qualitatively most valuable natural olive oil soaps from the Aleppo region in Syria. Despite the war the production of soaps has continued. We purchase the soap at a wholesale importer in Germany at a very attractive price. We hope that the purchase of the soaps can support the local people in their efforts to rebuild their economy and destroyed country.

Our choice of the Hunger Project as a beneficiairy was influenced by its track record of efficiency and impact in development and cooperation which ultimately addresses migration causes and thus prevents refugee crises from occurring in the first place.

29% – 2.00 € from each soap sale goes as donation to The Hunger Project.
29% – We purchase the soap for 2.03 € from a German wholesale importer.
4% – or 0.30 € for each soap is calculated for the flyer printing.
9% – or 0.60€ expenditure is for the natural cotton bags the soaps come in.
7% – or 0.50€ goes to bookkeeping and web hosting.
4% –  including 0.30€ on average for packaging material.
18% – remaining 1.27 € per soap is for the work effort of glueing soap labels, packing, handling &shipping  and billing of purchase orders. Starting with an order of 10 soaps delivery cost within Europe are included. If you buy a package of 20 or even 50 soaps we can reduce the price to 6.50 or even 6.00€ leaving only a few cents from the initial 1.27 € per soap for labor costs. Once we sell around 6000 soaps per year we will have to pay value added tax (VAT) of 21% which we will have to compensate with negotiating ever better unit prices for higher purchase volumes of the soaps and bags. The Project has a very narrow margin which barely covers the costs as we are learning to manage and grow it. If at all possible, we ask you to support us by buying the bulk saving packages of 20 or 50 soaps. It helps you with reselling (lower price), it helps us with lowering our overhead costs but most importantly it helps us to get faster to one million and to having a real impact

We have known the work, impact and efficiency of The Hunger Project for many years and are deeply convinced that our money can achieve the most for ending hunger through this organization. People suffering from hunger are seen as the main agent, the solution actually for their own development, as they create a vision for their own lives and implement them step by step. You can learn more about the approach and the programs of the Hunger project by clicking the link here.

There are many ways to get involved with the Global Goals for Sustainability, also known as Agenda 2030 or simply the Global Goals.  We would be super happy, if you could help us by reselling OMS soaps. We are always thinking about how we can improve the marketing of our one million soaps project, how to let more people know about it, how to get more people involved. Please let us know what you think, we will also try to generate ideas and make it easy for volunteers to get involved and have fun making a difference with something truly meaningful. On the webpage you can find the soap counter and follow as we approach one million soaps by 2030!! Please also check out the section GET INVOLVED.

Well, we already achieved the goals for 2016 and 2017 and we are aiming each year to double the previous year’s sales figures. Ending hunger is a big challenge, so is meeting the numbers for selling One Million Soaps! Therefore we need your support!  Your enthusiasm for our joint action as well as the help and support of your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours! We need other NGOs and schools as well companies to get involved as well and feel part of this larger movement . Everybody can get involved and contribute to ONE MILLION SOAPS!

And this is how our past achievements as well as the plan look like, if we double each year’s sales figures:

Year Number of Sops per Year Total number of Soaps Contribution to the Hunger Project Total contribution to The Hunger Project
2016 500 500 1 000 € 1 000 €
2017 1 000 1 500 2 000 € 3 000 €
2018 1 000 2 500 2 000 € 5 000 €
2019 1 287 3 387 2 574 € 6 774 €
2020 322 3 709 644 € 7 418 €
2021 5 000 1 300 2 600 € 10 000 €
2022 10 000 5 000 10 000 € 20 000 €
2023 20 000 10 000 20 000 € 40 000 €
2024 40 000 20 000 40 000 € 80 000 €
2025 80 000 40 000 80 000 € 160 000 €
2026 160 000 80 000 160 000 € 320 000 €


One million soaps by 2030!

A world without Hunger is possible; and we want to do our part by selling one million Aleppo soaps from Syria by 2030! An ambitious goal, however with your help it can really happen! For each sold soap two euros are invested in the work of The Hunger Project. Join the movement to make it happen!

The Hunger Project presents itself:

The Hunger Project is an International non-governmental non-profit organization committed to the sustainable end of chronic hunger and extreme poverty in the world. We are currently working in twelve African states, in South Asia and in Latin America.

We are convinced and know by experience that humans themselves are the strongest element to end hunger and poverty. Therefore, in our programs we only hire employees from the local population. We encourage development processes, and at the local level we foster the development of democratic structures and political participation. However, the key to a world free of hunger lies in the empowerment of women. We therefore place our biggest focus on the economic and social empowerment of women in our work.

Our vision is a world free of Hunger, a world where every women, man and child is leading a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance, providing for themselves in their home countries.

The Hunger Project is a non-profit organization. We are members of VENRO (umbrella organization of development and humanitarian aid non-governmental organizations in Germany) and we have joined the Transparency International initiative. Furthermore we belong to the alliance of Together for Africa.We are certified by the German DZI organisation for efficient and correct use of donations and have been internationally awarded the four star charity status (Charity Navigator).

Find more information about us at:

The Countdown is running!

Our annual goal until the end of 2021 is to reach 5000 soaps!
Can you help us? JOIN US! Please also like us on Facebook (One Million Soaps) and become an OMS Reseller!!